European Hormone Medal 2017

Αγαπητοί Συνάδελφοι,

Το βραβείο αυτό αποτελεί μία από τις σημαντικότερες διεθνείς διακρίσεις στο χώρο της Ενδοκρινολογίας- Μεταβολισμού & Σακχαρώδη Διαβήτη και απενεμήθη στην καθηγήτρια κ. Διαμάντη-Κανδαράκη, σε τιμητική τελετή στο 19th European Congress of Endocrinology στην Λισσαβώνα.
”These are the words with whom Prof E.Diamanti-Kandarakis was introduced by the president of ΕSE & ECAS on the European Hormone Medal Lecture session during ECE 2017:
“Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the ESE and European Council of Affiliated Societies(ECAS) it is my pleasure to present you the recipient of the European Hormone Medal.
This ESE award is given to the European endocrinologist with the most significant contribution to the basic and clinical endocrinology.
The recipient of the medal for 2017 is Evanthia Diamanti-Kandarakis.
Dr Evanthia Diamanti-Kandarakis is professor of internal medicine and endocrinology at the Athens University School of Medicine. During the past period she gave significant contribution in reproductive and environmental endocrinology, and published over 180 publications with over 12.000 citations.
Today she will give a lecture under the title: Endocrine disruptors: is it all Greek to us?
Evy, the floor is yours”
These words are given by
Professor Djuro Macut, Serbia
ESE Executive Committee (ex-officio) member, ECAS representative
on Monday, 22 May 2017, Lisbon Convention Center, Portugal